Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling systems can meet many performance requirements. Strength, fire, thermal, sound and vapour permeability can all be achieved. Ceiling systems are versatile; different shapes can be created and a variety of features incorporated, such as bulkheads, canopys, lighting coffers ect.

MF Suspended Ceiling

Can accept some degree of loading and is the more traditional form of installation. Plasterboards are fixed onto lightweight metal framework of ceiling channels, primary channels and perimeter channels. This type of ceiling is suited to creating raft ceilings. We can also install fire rated ceilings MF ceilings.

Suspended Ceiling Grid Systems

Suspended ceilings systems contribute to the interior design, acoustics and overall environmental impacts of a building. We understand that different locations require varied performances from your grid system. We can install fibre tiles, metal tiles of various sizes, Wipe clean tiles for hygienic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and science labs.


Bright, Spacious office environments make for a happier and more productive workforce. This can be achieved through better acoustics, enhanced lighting and design.

We can spray the grid and tiles to suit any environment or colour scheme if required. (this is at an additional cost)

Train stations and Airports

A pleasant airport lounge or railway station can do a lot to relieve anxiety amongst busy travellers. Enhanced lighting, noise absorption and modern design all help to achieve this.

Raft Ceilings

Allows architects and designers to balance clever and innovative design with the need for good performance. Canopies provide modern monolithic designs with no visible grid.

Acoustic panels

We can also install hung or flat fitting of acoustic panels in various shapes, sizes and colours to help with acoustics in offices, board rooms, meeting rooms and office fit out