Combining our high-quality product selection, project management skills, and installation expertise we are able to ensure our customers make their unique architectural visions a reality.

Many business owners may not realise the many benefits of using a professional architectural glazing company. Most general glazing contractors simply don’t have the experience or know how to solve common issues. A good example of why you may need to use bespoke Architectural glass in your project could be, you have a meeting room which overlooks a busy road or high street. You may wish to shut out the traffic noise but standard double glazing will not do this at all well, we can look at your requirements and have the specialist acoustic glass with polymer interlayers custom made for your project, which will block out the exact frequencies of the general traffic noise.

Scribe Interiors are experts in creating high-quality workspaces, our experienced team has the expertise to fully manage your project, from the design, supply, and full installations of bespoke architectural glazing solutions for architects, and business owners.

Using our established relationships with market leading suppliers, we have product choices to suit every project.

An unlimited range of architectural glazing means we are able to meet all kinds of requirements, including flooding areas with natural light and minimising framing for enhanced views, creating a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors, and creating completely unique architectural centerpieces for your office or workspace.

Using our established relationships with market leading suppliers, we have product choices to suit every project.
Our high-quality architectural glazing products include; Acoustic glazing, curved glass, slim framed aluminium windows, slimline sliding doors, bifold doors, frameless corners, pocket doors, seamless glazing, facades, balustrades, orangeries, walk on roof lights, skylights and roof lanterns. Not only do each of these products boast slim lines and a contemporary style fit for modern life and aesthetic, but they also offer a range of performance benefits.

The innovative design of our architectural glazing products means that your office can be enhanced both internally and externally. In addition to style, you can also benefit from thermal efficiency, security, and ease of use. This ensures that you can enjoy architectural masterpieces without compromising on the practicality needed for the day to day running of your business. Some business owners have also received the additional benefits of lower insurance quotes due to the added security provided by some of our products and installations.

Our effective project management, technical support, and guidance throughout the transformation of your office, means you have complete peace of mind, knowing your business is in safe hands.

We appreciate the importance of customer service and pride ourselves on providing an entirely flexible approach, tailored to the needs of you and your business.

What Can You Expect?

  • Personal, hands-on service
  • One point of contact throughout
  • Quick turnaround times & strict deadlines met
  • Willing to travel
  • Free estimates – no hidden costs
  • All work guaranteed for your peace of mind